Monday, September 12, 2011


Taking a break till after 'busy season'.  May move to another blog address at that time.  I'll keep you posted.  See ya later in October

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy Happy (Friday)!!

VOTD - Don't be just throwing chocolate around all willy-nilly lady!!!
WOW....this video it freaking hilarious!!!! I don't even know where to begin with this one....just watch the video! Maybe "Fitness" magazine should stick to "fitness" and leave the "healthy" eating to another magazine!! Chips, cheese curls, and peppermint patties are not what I look for when I'm trying to find a healthy snack....that's what I go to when I want to binge on crap.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The FDA, brought to you by Monsanto

LOTD - really?!?! WTF the government subsidizing corn and soy production so companies can produce processed shit that gives people cancer, diabetes, and adds to the obesity problem in the US....that's fine. But walnuts.....the HORROR!!!! Maybe if we could deep fry them in soybean oil into a chip-like substance and then frito-lay could sell them and put a label saying they're heart healthy! They'd probably have no problem with that! Ridiculous!

Thanks Food and D-bag Administration

Sleep 6.5
Breakfast 640am
3 eggs* with spicy jalapeƱo chicken sausage and mushrooms* cooked in butter and garlic*. Also had Rainbow Chard* cooked in coconut oil* with salt, pepper, and garlic.

Then I proceeded to sit on the bus in traffic for 2 hours and 15 minutes (usual commute is 25-30 minutes) because of the storm last night. Oh well at least I had my kindle.

1000am - Americano from Caribou...needed a pick me up after bus!

Lunch 1200pm
2 of the grass fed burgers I brought with salad (lettuce (fm), tomato (fm), and olive oil). Dipped the burger in some good mustard*. Saved the 3rd burger and some salad for later if I got hungry.

Snack 230pm

Snack - 5pm
Last GF beef and rest of salad

Dinner - 8pm
Didn't feel like more of the same leftovers tonight so I made breakfast essentially (i.e. My go-to meal). Made spinach with red onion and garlic* in coconut oil* as well as 3 eggs*, bacon (fm), 2 portabello mushroom caps* cooked in coconut oil* with garlic*, salt, pepper, and Tabasco. I think I did a few too many shakes of Tabasco since it was a little spicy. 2 glasses Pinot noir.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hump Day

LOTD - Is your gut leaky???

Breakfast - 640am
Eggs* with mushrooms* and bacon (nf) in coconut oil* and blackberries (fm). Cup of coffee.

Diet dew 20 oz - 1000am

Lunch - 1200pm
Salmon mignon, asparagus, and handful of nuts

Caribou black coffee - 230pm

Afternoon snack - 430pm

Dinner - 730pm
3 grass fed burgers with salsa*, lettuce (fm), tomatoes (fm), and portabello mushroom cap*....delicious

Also had half a serving (120 kcal) of Green & Blacks 85% dark chocolate*

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Wedding, and Birthdays, and Vodka......Oh My!!!

LOTD - Mark Sisson interview with Robb Wolf.....

VOTD - Jim Gaffigan on Vegetarians....some funny quotes:
"'Do you know what they do to those chickens?!'......NO, but it's DELICIOUS!" (2:10)
"Don't get me wrong, I love animals....I just love to eat them more!" (2:24)


The Weekend:
The Good - breakfasts were both good (bacon, eggs, etc) and dinners were both good. I didn't eat lunch either day and didn't really snack.
The Bad - 2 more glasses of wine Friday night (AFTER I posted to the blog) and we'll say about "Plenty" of Absolut and tonics at the wedding on saturday.....honestly who can keep track! Plus a small piece of wedding cake (Saturday) and a decent piece of birthday cake for A-Roz on Sunday to round out the weekend!!

Sashimi from GE from the day before that I planned on eating for lunch on Sunday. Veggie Quesadilla for stomach pain let me know I probably shouldn't have eaten this. For dinner I wasn't really up for a full meal after running so I opted for a Fat Bomb along with some sardines packed in olive oil with the rest of my baby swiss (gf).

Tuesday...back to the GOOD...
Sleep 1000-530
3 eggs*, bacon (nf) and mushrooms* all made in cast iron skillet with coconut oil* and garlic*. I also made spinach, red onions, and garlic* in another skillet with olive oil.

Handful of nuts at 1030am and a diet dew (boo!)

Lunch 1245pm
Salmon mignon that A made last night for dinner and salad with just lettuce (fm), tomato (fm), mushrooms* from breakfast and olive oil for dressing.

A few nuts in afternoon.
Dinner - Chicken breast and leg with asparagus and 2 glasses wine. 

Friday, August 19, 2011

It's Kate Beckinsale Friday!

Ok, so it's no "Van Damme Friday" but it's definitely better looking......
VOTD - New Underworld movie with Kate Beckinsale.....

But since I brought it up...Here you go!

And if you want to see an even bigger train wreck, watch this!!! HILARIOUS!

Sleep 1000-600 (8)


Tried the "Fat Bomb" from 1/2 can of coconut milk, 2 egg yolks, 1/4 cup water, 2/3 cup frozen raspberries and a scoop of vanilla whey protein. I also cooked up the 2 egg whites and 1 whole egg in butter. Fat Bomb was good but a little thick. I think I used too much coconut milk or too little water so I will adjust accordingly the next time.

Snack 1000am - macadamia nuts

Lunch 100pm
Minute steak, potato, and carrots

Had 3 pieces of beef jerky around 330pm

Sushi from Giant Eagle....and not the "good-for-you" sushi......the kind with cream cheese!! Good stuff though.

Today wasn't that great a day all around. I had 2 diet dews today, an Octoberfest, a glass of wine, and, worst of all, 3 twizzlers (BOO)!! Tomorrow's another day.

Sleep 8 hr

Breakfast 645am
Eggs* with salsa* and mushrooms*, and 4 strips of bacon (nf) cooked in coconut oil* in the skillet.

Made 2 cups of coffee to take with me today, just craving some.

Had some nuts in am for snack. Almond, cashew, pistachio, macadamia

Leftover chicken thighs and minute steak (gf) with a few leftover carrots and a steamfresh bag of brocolli, carrots, and cauliflower.

Snack - nuts

Scallops and spinach from Everyday Paleo cookbook. Spinach, shallots, garlic in coconut oil. Then took spinach out and instead of putting more coconut oil in to cook scallops I used the bacon grease I saved from this morning....SIMPLY AWESOME!! I was surprised it tasted so good! 2 Octoberfest (so good) and glass of wine.....TGIF

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back on the wagon

LOTD - Fat bomb smoothie energy drink...

The hills are alive....with the Sound of Bacon.....

Sleep 1000-600 (8)

Haven't cook my bacon in skillet in it even though I burnt! Cooked in coconut oil and then threw mushrooms in there to cook for a topping for my eggs.

1000am green tea (caf), handful of nuts

Chicken, broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. Didn't eat it all so will have a mid-afternoon snack.

130pm Tazo tea (decaf)

230pm espresso from Caribou

400pm rest of lunch

645pm had a little piece of Minute steak cooked in crock pot which was great and a carrot. But wasn't hungry since I ate not too long ago so I'll save this for lunch tomorrow. Also had a glass of wine.

Stopped at Minotti's too and had a nice surprise...Sam Adams OCTOBERFEST is back!!!!!! Love that shit!!!!

See you tomorrow....and here it is, your Moment of Zen....

Thursday, August 11, 2011

'Go Meat!!'

So Eric texted me what we'll be getting this weekend when he comes to town.....
44 pounds of ground beef
11 minute steaks
8 club steaks
8 T-bones
7 Sirloins
2 arm roasts
1 rump roast
4 beef roasts
6 livers
1 heart
1 tongue

Sleep 11-6 (7).....I Need to get more sleep

Breakfast at work

Today's going to be a heavy chicken day!!

Snack - 2 strips jerky


Chicken sandwich - with red onion, spinach, gf baby Swiss, and portabello mushrooms for the buns (cooked in coconut oil). This was VERY good if you like mushrooms. And I didn't have the two best ingredients.....bacon and avocado!!! I got recipe from Everyday Paleo cookbook (Sarah Fragoso -  Plus a glass of wine as well.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tuesday + Wednesday

LOTD - The Cholesterol Delusion

A two-fer post:

Sleep 930-600 (8.5)

Breakfast (Leftovers)


Lunch (Leftovers)

Tazo tea before lunch and green tea (caffeine) around 3:30pm


Pork (fm), Brussels sprouts (A's recipe for the sprouts was very good)

Sleep 12-6 (6)....I watched The Rite while doing some work and stayed up later than I wanted.

Breakfast (salsa* on top of eggs*)


*****CHEAT ALERT!!!!*****

Due to lack of sleep my headache was back from lack of caffeine so I cashed in some points for a diet dew!

"Once it hits your lips....It's so good!!!!"

Lunch - I took the liberty of improving upon A's sprouts by adding some BACON!!

Snack - a few more nuts
Also had a small caribou coffee, half decaf and half caffeine

Dinner - went to Lowes and got home late and wasn't really hungry. Had a few pieces of jerky later but that was it.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Week 2

VOTD - Robb Wolf on Paleo:

Sleep 1100-600 (7)

Breakfast - 700am
Eggs (leftovers I made on Saturday....not as bad as I thought they were going to be leftover), salad (fm), Vitamin D, Probiotics, 2 Fish oil

Small handful of nuts about 1030am

Lunch 1215pm
Steak (gf) from Saturday and salad (fm) with olive oil for dressing. 1 fish oil, 1 D

130pm Tazo tea

330pm another small handful of nuts (almonds, macadamia, cashew, pistachio)

Dinner 645pm
Lemon butter toasted crumb flounder and garlic cauliflower

Also cut off a slice of grass fed Swiss at 730pm

"Forgot-to-mentions" - Had a 20 oz Coke Zero on Sunday and my weigh-in on Thursday PM was 208, Friday AM was 205 (down about 6# on both from the week before)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend Recap

Sleep 8


Farmers market

No lunch


Then a bottle of wine and several big Guinness later I went to bed!! Shit happens! Oh and let's not forget the hummus/pita and some tater tots at Ironwood!!

Sleep 6

No breakfast

I'm on a crab kick

Nap 1 hr

My stomach hated me after this shit!

Back to it Monday!

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