Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wedding, and Birthdays, and Vodka......Oh My!!!

LOTD - Mark Sisson interview with Robb Wolf.....

VOTD - Jim Gaffigan on Vegetarians....some funny quotes:
"'Do you know what they do to those chickens?!'......NO, but it's DELICIOUS!" (2:10)
"Don't get me wrong, I love animals....I just love to eat them more!" (2:24)


The Weekend:
The Good - breakfasts were both good (bacon, eggs, etc) and dinners were both good. I didn't eat lunch either day and didn't really snack.
The Bad - 2 more glasses of wine Friday night (AFTER I posted to the blog) and we'll say about "Plenty" of Absolut and tonics at the wedding on saturday.....honestly who can keep track! Plus a small piece of wedding cake (Saturday) and a decent piece of birthday cake for A-Roz on Sunday to round out the weekend!!

Sashimi from GE from the day before that I planned on eating for lunch on Sunday. Veggie Quesadilla for stomach pain let me know I probably shouldn't have eaten this. For dinner I wasn't really up for a full meal after running so I opted for a Fat Bomb along with some sardines packed in olive oil with the rest of my baby swiss (gf).

Tuesday...back to the GOOD...
Sleep 1000-530
3 eggs*, bacon (nf) and mushrooms* all made in cast iron skillet with coconut oil* and garlic*. I also made spinach, red onions, and garlic* in another skillet with olive oil.

Handful of nuts at 1030am and a diet dew (boo!)

Lunch 1245pm
Salmon mignon that A made last night for dinner and salad with just lettuce (fm), tomato (fm), mushrooms* from breakfast and olive oil for dressing.

A few nuts in afternoon.
Dinner - Chicken breast and leg with asparagus and 2 glasses wine. 

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