Saturday, July 30, 2011

'Yeah, but bacon tastes good. Pork chops taste good.' ~Vincent Vega

Bacon VidOTD - This video brought to you by Water Chestnut the Third....

Zen LinkOTD - When willpower is trumped by bad habits....or what I like to call, "Sure I'll have another Guinness"!

Onto the day......Saturday
Sleep 1100-700
Cup of coffee

Farmers market - got some gf ground round, ribeye's, and some bone-in pork chops along with cherries, blackberries, tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, and green peppers.

Breakfast 1000am at First Watch in Crocker Park. Great stuff. I got the Bacado Omelet....awesome.

Bacon, avocado and melted Monterey Jack cheese, topped with sour cream. Served with a side of housemade salsa. 2 cups coffee

Saw Smurfs at 1120am and packed a little snack for the theatre...water, macadamia nuts, and jerky (didn't eat all the nuts I packed). Whatever will get me through a movie without downing a bag of sour patch kids!! The movie wasn't as bad as critics said.....but wait for the DVD. A-Roz liked it.

2 glasses iced tea today

Dinner 430pm
3 Qdoba tacos - soft shells, chicken, tomatoes, sour cream, guacamole, cheese.

530pm....picked up car from NTB and then broke down and got 44 sweet sweet ounces of the diet dew

Last but not least.....1 serv chocolate from last night (250 kcal)

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‘I generally avoid temptation unless I can’t resist it.’ ~Mae West

TWO HUNDRED AND FOURTEEN POUNDS!!! Weighed myself last night and it was 214 shortly after dinner (211 this morning). I knew I was around there since I weighed myself at the gym a month ago and was around 208-210. Add on some binge drinking of Guinness and you get 214! I really don't care about numbers but when you put it in the context of a year ago it's ridiculous. One year ago in August while training for the marathon I was 187 at the lowest but mostly hovered around 190. Yeah....that's a 25 pound increase in one year (and not a "good" 25 #'s). Needless to say, I've let myself go regardless if I was training for a race or not!! Time to get back to it.

Anyway....on with the day (Friday)......
Sleep - 1045-530 (so much for getting to bed earlier!)

Got up and ran on treadmill for 1/2 mile before I realized how much I hate running on treadmill in vibrams! It's hard to focus on form when it's pulling me along. We'll see if I run later or just wait until the weekend.

Breakfast - 630am
Eggs and a little fruit. Had 1 chicken sausage with 5 eggs*, mushrooms*, garlic*, coconut oil*, salt, pepper, Tabasco. Also had 2 cups black coffee from home around 800am on bus ride into work.

Love these things
my eggs are never pretty but they sure are tasty!

1115am - cup of green tea

Lunch 1215pm - Mixed Greens Salad Bar
Romaine, cucumbers, carrots, broccoli, blue cheese, one scoop balsamic vinaigrette, and grilled chicken. I also ate a handful of macadamia nuts as well. I can't wait to do some shopping this weekend.....this shit isn't even that good!!

300pm - 2 cups of black coffee, cashew cookie Larabar

Outback tonight! Trying the crab legs.

615pm - 1# of crab legs, asparagus, (and my favorite) blue cheese wedge salad. Glass of fresh brewed iced tea from keurig.

Dessert - 745pm
1/2 serve dark chocolate* about 125 calories (this is the BEST chocolate ever)

Countdown is on....two more weeks till we get our quarter of a Minnesota grass fed cow!!!

Tomorrow - Nice little Saturday....Farmers market, Smurfs movie, maybe Lowes in the afternoon to look at freezers for Bessie!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Critical Mass

Critical Mass: n.

1. The smallest mass of a fissionable material that will sustain a nuclear chain reaction at a constant level.
2. The amount of matter needed to generate sufficient gravitational force to halt the current expansion of the universe (or my waistline).

3. An amount or level needed for a specific result or new action to occur

I've hit critical fat mass! I will weigh myself tonight to see how bad the damage has been. I think I'll do pics as well (which I don't believe in doing but I think it'll be funny...who knows when I'll ever post them if at all). Lots of Guinness last week on vacation has not helped of course! Neither did the 12 dark beers I had during and after the Indians game yesterday. Or the pizza I had when I got home last night (and some for breakfast today)! Starting back up as of lunch today. Need to start training for Warrior Dash as well (Sept. 10th). I'll hit up farmers market this weekend.  Thing that works best for me is pictures and putting everything I eat into the blog.  So I'd like to keep that consistent from now until Sept. 10th and then I can scale back from there.  We'll see how it goes.

Lunch 12:15pm - Mixed Greens
Salad - Romaine, carrots, brocolli, egg, tomato, shrimp and one scoop of balsamic vinaigrette


330pm - Caribou coffee (black)

445pm - handful of macadamia nuts

Dinner - 630pm
Bacon and eggs
Bacon (NF), eggs (4 eggs*, mushrooms*, garlic*, coconut oil*, salt, pepper, Tabasco)

800pm - serving of beef jerky
Not great....not GF and has some sugar but it's the most minimally processed I could find before vacation

Going to bed early tonight so I can get up tomorrow and run.

LOTD - easing into barefoot....
LOTD2 - prepping paleo.....