I am Reddog

Just sharing my eats as a way to keep myself on track and accountable as I try to get myself on the Paleo style of eating which I've been trying off and on now since 2008 but could never get it to quite stick.  Also sharing links and videos I find funny, interesting, informative, whatever with friends and family.


In Project Redblog we have no names

Remember......Carbs kill!

I usually mark food items with symbols/abbreviations so that I know what I have eaten exactly. Here are all the abbreviations I can think of off the top of my head that I use:

* - this denotes Organic foods
@ - this is for the "natural" meat products I get at Giant Eagle. They aren't grass-fed but they at least have no antibiotics or anything like that.
(gf) - grass fed meats
(fm) - food from farmer's market
(nf) - nitrate/nitrite free (usually when referring to bacon.....mmmmm....bacon)
(pf) - pesticide free (if not organic)

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