Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy Happy (Friday)!!

VOTD - Don't be just throwing chocolate around all willy-nilly lady!!!
WOW....this video it freaking hilarious!!!! I don't even know where to begin with this one....just watch the video! Maybe "Fitness" magazine should stick to "fitness" and leave the "healthy" eating to another magazine!! Chips, cheese curls, and peppermint patties are not what I look for when I'm trying to find a healthy snack....that's what I go to when I want to binge on crap.

I got this vid from Fitbomb....funny post, check it out.....

And how did they pick the winners? Fitness Magazine shares its methodology:

We worked with top nutritionists to find hundreds of sweet, salty, and savory
treats that are low in calories and fat. Then we crunched our way through them
to bring you the best-tasting options to satisfy any craving -- and still keep
you slim.
Oooh! "Top nutritionists"! "Low in calories and fat!" "Crunching!" Scientific!

Sleep - 7.5
Breakfast - 645am
Didn't feel like eggs today so just had a Fat Bomb with coconut milk* (from can), 2 egg yolks*, scoop of vanilla protein, and frozen raspberries* and strawberries*. Delicious.

Lunch 1215pm
Cleaning up the leftovers.....2 more hamburgers (gf) with mustard* and a salad (fm). Also had Diet Dew and a few nuts.

Espresso from caribou at 330pm

Dinner 700pm
16 oz. Club steak from Bessie (GF). These are only (supposedly) the third best cut of steaks that we got....working our way up to the best (i.e. T-Bone). Up next though is the Sirloin. Only had a little spinach left so cooked that up but didn't feel like making a salad. Also made the rest of my scallops. The steak was GREAT!!! Also had a Guinness (NOT Paleo!). Also had glass of wine at 900pm

Look how sad and lonely my spinach looks....I definitely didn't follow the proper portions below!!

Thought this was funny pic....

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