Thursday, August 11, 2011

'Go Meat!!'

So Eric texted me what we'll be getting this weekend when he comes to town.....
44 pounds of ground beef
11 minute steaks
8 club steaks
8 T-bones
7 Sirloins
2 arm roasts
1 rump roast
4 beef roasts
6 livers
1 heart
1 tongue

Sleep 11-6 (7).....I Need to get more sleep

Breakfast at work

Today's going to be a heavy chicken day!!

Snack - 2 strips jerky


Chicken sandwich - with red onion, spinach, gf baby Swiss, and portabello mushrooms for the buns (cooked in coconut oil). This was VERY good if you like mushrooms. And I didn't have the two best ingredients.....bacon and avocado!!! I got recipe from Everyday Paleo cookbook (Sarah Fragoso -  Plus a glass of wine as well.

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