Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tuesday + Wednesday

LOTD - The Cholesterol Delusion

A two-fer post:

Sleep 930-600 (8.5)

Breakfast (Leftovers)


Lunch (Leftovers)

Tazo tea before lunch and green tea (caffeine) around 3:30pm


Pork (fm), Brussels sprouts (A's recipe for the sprouts was very good)

Sleep 12-6 (6)....I watched The Rite while doing some work and stayed up later than I wanted.

Breakfast (salsa* on top of eggs*)


*****CHEAT ALERT!!!!*****

Due to lack of sleep my headache was back from lack of caffeine so I cashed in some points for a diet dew!

"Once it hits your lips....It's so good!!!!"

Lunch - I took the liberty of improving upon A's sprouts by adding some BACON!!

Snack - a few more nuts
Also had a small caribou coffee, half decaf and half caffeine

Dinner - went to Lowes and got home late and wasn't really hungry. Had a few pieces of jerky later but that was it.

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