Saturday, August 6, 2011

Let's go Outback tonight....

LOTD - Wow today was a busy day on twitter....pretty much every person I follow (paleo related) is at the first annual Ancestral Health Symposium in LA and tweeting the whole time about what they're learning.  Here is the list of the classes/speakers.....good stuff.

VOTD - Ronaldo's out of control

And here's just a gratuitous Ronaldo top ten video for A.....

Sleep 10-530 (7.5)

Breakfast 645am
Leftover salmon and asparagus

830am - small coconut water

1030am - Tazo tea

Lunch - 1200pm The Harp
Wasn't planning on going here today. As you can see it's a little similar to breakfast!!! I only had a few forkfuls of the rice. I didn't realize it came with asparagus ("vegetable of the day") so now my pee will really smell for the rest of the day!! Was thinking of getting crab legs again from outback but I think I've had my fill of fish for the day.

Fire Roasted Tilapia - Tilapia, cilantro citrus rice and vegetable of the day topped with zesty citrus sauce

230pm - Green tea* (CAFFEINE ALERT!!)
Needed a little something today. Headache was creeping back in for some reason even though good 2 days prior.  I don't think I'm breaking the caffeine bank with green tea though!

Dinner - 445pm Outback
Filet Wedge Salad w/ blue cheese (cheat!) and 1 glass ice tea (CAFFEINE!!).  I love there blue chees wedge salad.

700pm - slice of GF baby Swiss

Didn't really snack today except for the cheese at night.  I want to limit my snacking of nuts and only eat those sparingly.  Not that they're bad but want to eat enough at meals so I don't feel the need to snack as much (like today).

Tomorrow - nice little saturday....First Watch for breakfast, farmers market, Lowe's for a stand alone freezer for Bessie, and studying.  Like to get a run in as well.

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