Thursday, August 4, 2011


LOTD - Robb Wolf - Big FATT Blog Post

A little lower back ache today from deadlifts the other day.  But more aching from the "carb flu" / caffeine withdrawal.....take your pick.  But the caffeine withdrawal has been MUCH better than I expected.  So far so good, no cravings for anything that's not on my list.  Outback tomorrow night for dinner again.....may have to get the crab legs again.

Sleep 900-530 (8.5)

Breakfast 630am
Bacon (nf), eggs*, salad (fm)

930am - Tazo tea (decaf)
1000am - handful of nuts (mac, alm, cash, pist)
1100am - made some wild berry herbal iced tea (decaf)

Lunch - 1200pm Mixed Greens
Salad with Romaine, tomatoes, broccoli. carrots, sunflower seeds, one small scoop balsamic, shrimp

300pm - rest of the nuts I brought and a Tazo tea (decaf.....I guess from now on I'll specify if something is caffeinated and not decaf)

Dinner - 645pm
Was going to eat the salmon from last night but wasn't in the mood so I just opted for more bacon and eggs. I'll eat the salmon and asparagus for breakfast tomorrow.

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